Reports & Research

Reports & Research

Specialized Reports & Research 

Our AI-powered research confidentially synthesizes data and produces custom reports. We can work with your function, industry, and subject matter expertise and serve organizations of all sizes.  

We assist with:

  • Crafting AI to answer specific questions or accomplish specific tasks. 
  • Identifying hidden patterns and correlations within and between information.
  • Comparing, contrasting, synthesizing, and creatively reporting out.

We handle the back-end, producing AI-powered custom reports for our clients. These can be as creative or streamlined as you need them to be. These can include graphics or no graphics and can be accomplished in your palette. 

Using AI creates massive savings in time and resources, but requires the technical know-how to use the latest tools. Let us apply our learning and deliver on both speed and savings.

    Case Study: Executive Search & Talent Acquisition

    Legacy executive search agencies spent decades pouring money into expensive databases and proprietary technology. AI changed the utility of this "walled garden" approach the same way that canons changed the utility of castles.

    Allow us to quickly accomplish your objectives the way we have helped our clients with executive search: 

    Our Custom Talent Acquisition Agent can:

    • Engage in primary research.
    • Discover candidates.
    • Identify key contact information.
    • Synthesize insights into comprehensive reports.
    • Compare and contrast experiences, education, tenures, or skill sets.
    If your organization needs assistance with executive search, please allow us to show you what an AI-powered firm can do to jump-start your research process. Reach out for a consultation.

      Case Study: Shopify Assistant 

      If you would like to explore a retail concept entirely created by our AI Retail Agent, we call her "Grace," we invite you to visit our pilot concept FoxFits.

      To our knowledge, FoxFits is one of the first stores both envisioned and executed by artificial intelligence (with its human copilots, of course). Our Agent continues to amaze us with its seasonal updates.

      Other Projects:

      • Strategic Market Mapping in preparation for expansion.
      • Targeted pipeline generation and prospect research. 
      • Academic research and scientific content.
      • Primary research in various industries & functions

      We like to be challenged. Please feel free to reach out today with your project.

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