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About Us

The Kansas City AI Company

Our Journey

2020: Inspiration

The Kansas City AI Company (KCAICo.) grew up in the Heart of America, KC. Surrounded by a strong culture of craftsmanship, artisanry, and quality service, we are inspired to find a way forward with AI that is as creative as it is respectful of the art, culture, technology, engineering, and subject matter expertise that built it. 

2022: Foundation

Pivoting from over a decade of experience in executive search, Michael Patrick Marden and partners founded Silversmith & Oak in 2021 as an executive search and research organizations. 

While engaging with new technologies in service to our clients, we quickly learned that the way forward is going to involve Artificial Intelligence. As such, we created a Talent Acquisition Agent to assist our search partners, and the business took off in a somewhat different direction from there. 

2023: Iteration

In 2023 we created several AI Agents that have helped us to pivot into our next iteration. The AI training process was enhanced by our in-house decade of experience in both higher and public education, in addition to our deep experience in coaching, training, and managing human teams.

A Custom AI Agent named "Nick," drove the naming, designing, and launching a unique AI-driven ecommerce store named FoxFits in Fall 2023 which is still gaining steam. To our knowledge, we are among the first companies, globally, to have every used trained algorithmic media to create and launch a brand concept, soup to nuts. We are proud of that legacy and excited to bring you more future-forward ideas. 

2024: New Horizons

In late 2023 it became clear that the future for us lies with the leveraging of this technology to bring new ideas to the market. With a strong history of design excellence, education, and training, we possess the unique skills to both build and deploy AI Agents to fulfil unique internal and external functions.

KCAICo. uses the compositing of trained algorithmic media with other media and software tools to create finished concepts that range from high concept to accessible corporate design, on your organization's brand and on palette.

We offer some of these for sale in our store, while we work 1-on-1 with both organizations and content creators on the execution of novel projects that draw on our expertise. We proudly originate and actively network in and around Kansas City, however we actively serve both national & international clients.     

This year will see a host of new client service projects and internal developments that have been occurring in the background come to fruition. We couldn't be more excited to share them with you. In the meantime, please support us by checking out our social media and sharing our concepts with your own communities.   

Our Giving: 

Artificial Intelligence opens up a tremendous amount of opportunity for humanity, and new avenues for artists and makers to create amazing things for people to enjoy. It also poses the same challenges inherent in the previous three industrial revolutions.

As before, it is essential to keep training a new generation of artists whose mediums are canvas, wood, metal, and upcycled materials. Who work with their bodies to create visionary new work that inspires the sentient and artificially-intelligent, alike.  

For this reason, we are actively seeking partnerships with local, national, and global organizations that support arts and artists. If that is you, please use our contact page or email to get in touch with our team. 

Our Prints 

Each design in our store is Printed on Demand. We do this because it is more sustainable than mass production and reduces waste. Each purchase you make helps to shift our collective culture from one of mass waste to one of personal preference. 

Manufacturing Facilities: 

Our manufacturing facilities are located globally. Products are printed assembled in 2-8 days and shipped from the nearest location directly to you. For reference, our facilities are located as follows: 

Country City
Australia Brisbane, QLD
Canada Toronto, Ontario
Europe Boxtel, Netherlands
United Kingdom Glasgow, Scotland
United States Atlanta, GA
United States Austin, TX
United States Charlotte, NC


Our unique prints are available in a variety of quality materials and arrive ready to hang so that you can show them off right away in your home or office.

For reference when visiting our store, please see the helpful table below:  

Canvas Prints
  • Printed on premium canvases (glossy or matte)
  • Stretched on 1.5" x 1.5" wooden frame.
  • Ready to hang with pre-attached hanging wire, mounting hooks, and nails.
Framed Prints
  • Hundreds of frame and mat combinations.
  • Assembled and shipped by expert framing staff
  • Ready to hang with pre-attached hanging wire, mounting hooks, and nails.
Poster Prints
  • Produced on acid-free papers with archival inks.
  • Includes a 1" white border for framing.
  • Lifetime without fading or color loss.
Metal Prints
  • High gloss finish for stunning results.
  • Printed directly onto a 1/16" thick aluminum sheet.
  • Offset from the wall by a 3/4" thick wooden frame.
Acrylic Prints
  • Printed directly onto the back of a 1/4" thick clear acrylic sheet.
  • High gloss finish.
  • Available with hanging wire or corner mounting posts.
Wood Prints
  • Printed directly onto a 3/4" thick maple wood sheet.
  • Ready to hang with mounting hooks and nails.
  • Comes with D-clips for mounting. 


Reach us at info@kcaico.com 

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